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March 27, 2012


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So news just got out that Edd, :iconeddsworld: lost his fight against cancer and passed away.

being experience cancer before and surviving it. it greatly saddens me that Edd lost the battle against cancer.

Edd contacted me waay back when I was still new at animation and stuff and we usually exchange convos once in a blue moon and had a friendly chat...

My last msn convo I had with him was a patient to patient talk with him sharing our experience with cancer and understanding each other's experience with cancer.
I believe it was me telling edd how I've finished my own chemotherapy treatment and wishing him the best in recovery from his cancer..

I always thought he was in good hands and he was doing pretty good with his treatment.

Edd shall be missed as hes probably the very few animators that are still making a statement and popularity back from the 2000 era to keep animating and still making it big
in this new age where many superior new generation indy animators starting to take over the old generation...
where most "famous animators" back in 2000 drop down the popularity radar and disappear mysteriously, Edd continues to work on his animations and draw in a huge
supporting fanbase yet going through cancer treatment.

I'm amaze at his sheer determination and willpower to come up with animation after animation yet despite going through the experience and pain of cancer treatment which
I myself have experience first hand and I couldnt even bare the routine for 8months of it.

Edd you have my sheer respect. it was regretful for me not being able to have the opportunity to visit you back when I was in london...

Rest in peace Edd.
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._.; Oh... oh dear...
Im really sorry to hear that D:
:hug: :rose:
IandaM98 Mar 31, 2012  Student General Artist
Aww... I liked his animations. :( Rest in peace, great sir.
whitelucario1 Mar 29, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
May he rest in peace
supseb Mar 29, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Edd was one of the few people that changed me with only his humoristic animations. Back in 2007, I developed a huge interest in flash animation and manga art. Edd, NCH85, Ryanide, as well as some other people, gave me so much. Thanks to all of you.

Rest in peace Edd. We will always remember you.
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Couldn't believe this when it showed up on my profile. Shocked and upset; Edd always came across as a happy, decent guy just out to get some laughs out of people and I 9and a fair few of my friends) liked him for that. It's a shock because I always expected him to get better, just gutted to hear he's gone.
Well, he's gone in body but the laughter he created will remain.
I feel really bad for all these Flash animators passing away so suddenly, and far too soon in their lives. I wasn't as familiar with Edd as I was with Randy Solem, but he shall be missed all the same
Masso Mar 28, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
I kinda cried a little. It just happened. Like that. We knew he had cancer, but he was just so... Up and go, that it seems so sudden. I kinda can't believe there is no more Edd. I only imagine an empty chair, no more creation, or seeing the fruits of his hard work.

It's just that we have to remind ourselves that Edd was a happy guy, and he really did love doing cartoons. He spread his humor and shared it, he wasn't like any other animator. With Edd, he really did want to share what he had, through his cartoons. In some way, I think we all can learn a lesson from Edd Gould. Everyone begins a creative process during young age and draws to share with friends. As we grow, we tend to be more selfish with our own work, being busy honing our skills, or trying to one up someone, or just plain never share. For those who like to be alone, it works for them. Edd wasn't one of them. His idea of creation was to share it. With sharing, you bring laughter, and you encourage others, and thus, one encourages him or herself.

Edd really was happy, and he did what he loved.

(I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ramble. This is my view, and this is what I believe Edd has taught me. It's true what they say, the good die young...)
NCH85 Mar 29, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
yeap, those are valid points to how Edd was with his animation. And his ability to move on and capture the new generation of audience with his yet simplistic, basic style of animation amongst the many uprising star animators with their very proffesional animation and humor.

I was with Edd in the past era of old generation flash animators and have personally saw many of this animators rise and fall from their fame to obscurity. unable to adapt their work to the new generation of audience. and yet seeing how edd still manages to keep his fanbase and even grow it even more is a incredible feat despite his simple backgrounds in animation knowledge.

I myself considered to be an obscured relic of the old generation of flash animators who lost all appeal already lol... still seeing the chance to get something substential out...

being a cancer survival, I really need to work harder for myself and show what I can do to everyone....
WHY? WHY DID HE HAVE TO GO? This is the second Newgrounds flash artist that died this month!
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